Cathedral City is hosting the annual AMFM Fest

Cathedral City will be holding its annual AMFM Fest Nov. 13-16 at the Ultra Star Mary Pickford Theater.  AMFM, which stands for arts, music, film and more, is a four-day festival that showcases the latest in independent artistry. The festival features a wide range of art from all over the country and locally, including films and musical acts.

Aside from film and music, the festival also has a place for art lovers. Many local and well known photographers and painters come to the festival to display their work to the public. Attendees will also get to experience panels with the filmmakers and writers which will give them a chance to ask questions and learn more about the films.

AMFM Fest has been created through an organization called Film4Change, which focuses on bringing people films that will “change the world”. The organization started the Cancun International Film Festival in 2005 and has also worked closely with Government and Tourism to bring people events that center on cultural tourism and economic development.  Since then, the organization has worked with filmmakers and other non-profits to bring local festivals to places like the desert. The organization found Palm Springs and Cathedral City to be an environment perfect for promoting up and coming films and music. Cathedral City has been the festival’s main stage since 2013.

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