Feature: 1959 | Short Film: Sushi Anyone

Ana G

November 14, 2014 @ 10:00 pm – 12:00 am America/Los_Angeles
Feature: 1959 | Short Film: Sushi Anyone

It’s graduation time for the Class of 1959, but five students have just failed their final essay and are facing summer school. However, their English teacher decides to give these five students from different cliques a chance to redeem themselves by working together over the weekend to complete a final project. On their way to a secluded farm in swampy South Louisiana, the five students get trapped inside of an old, mysterious church where nothing makes sense and where each is forced to face their biggest fears. In this psychological thriller, “1959” brings back elements of Hitchcock style filmmaking with modern day drama and thrills.

Starring: Zac Waggener, Claire Garrett, Wes Lagarde, Michelle West, Aaron Jay Rome, David Joseph Martinez and Eric Roberts

Directed by: John Swider

Produced by: Murray Anthony Roth and Wayne Douglas Morgan

Cinematography by: Rory White

Sushi Anyone?

The story is based around Otto who happens to have a non-stop sushi fetish. He can’t get enough of it. It’s a different sushi bar every night which ticks off his wife, Patricia who is just about to divorce him over it.

If Otto doesn’t slow down, anything could happen and that could get very scary!