the historian

Feature: The Historian | Short Film: Ostrichland

Ana G

November 16, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm America/Los_Angeles
Feature: The Historian | Short Film: Ostrichland

Fleeing a personal tragedy, Dr. Ben Rhodes (Miles Doleac) takes a job at a new university, in a department chaired by once-celebrated historian Valerian Hadley (William Sadler), who now fights to rekindle his fading career while caring for an elderly father (John Cullum) whose health fades faster by the day. Both feel a duty to impart the lessons of the past, even though they cannot seem to come to terms with their own histories. Further complicating matters is a promising but needy graduate student, Anna (Jillian Taylor), who worships one and is smitten with the other. This is a dark, funny, humane drama that puts academia under the microscope and finds a mirror of human nature.

Short Film: Ostrichland

Two brothers from two different worlds. A road trip in their dead dad’s Chevy pick-up. Aliens, flying saucers, yoga, the open desert and yes, ostriches. A poignant road trip comedy about two estranged brothers—Zach, the older redneck brother who never left home, and Travis, the hippie who moved away for college—who drive across the country in a truck full of their dead dad’s UFO memorabilia.